Harmonic-Vibrancy Moves

As the ecosynomic axioms indicate, the primary focus of a move towards greater harmonic vibrancy in the agreements that guide human interaction is one within the vibrancy zone. This is the intention people innately have when seeking greater light, greater abundance, greater harmonic. The vibrancy zone is the space where collectives manifest on the five axes, according to the degree of vibrancy experienced on each axis.

While much has been learned from human observation and experience along each of the axial perspectives, the ecosynomic axioms suggest that successful moves towards greater vibrancy are actually multi-axial. Stated more strongly, it is impossible to make a significant vibrancy move along one axis alone – higher levels of relationship along the other axes are required to be able to make that move. This phenomenon is well studied in each axial perspective, where pathological behaviors result from a singular focus, out of relationship.[1] The pathologies of making uni-axial relationship moves towards greater vibrancy are described in detail elsewhere in this blog. The focus here is on the implications of the axioms for three principle areas of agreements that significantly impact human interaction: the resources that support human interaction, the organization of how people work together, and the value exchange that facilitates interactions.

The four-step process of a harmonic-vibrancy move explores the harmonic vibrancy zone for the strongest possible moves, using the ecosynomic axioms and axes as guidelines. The four steps are:

1. Gap Description. Describe the harmonic vibrancy aspiration-reality discrepancy minimization possibility the collective faces: (a) What is the aspiration?; (b) What is the current reality?; (c) Where does the collective find itself in the vibrancy cone now?; (d) Is a greater vibrancy possible?; (e) Is there sufficient harmonic in the collective? Is there a harmonic of multiple, simultaneous voices or a unison of one note/voices?; (f) What type of vibrancy move is aspired? (deep scarcity to scarcity, scarcity to sufficiency, sufficiency to abundance)

2. Other’s Experience. Explore whether other collectives have made a similar harmonic-vibrancy move: (a) Are there other collectives in the space to which the collective aspires to move?; (b) Where were they before?; (c) How did they make that move? What awarenesses, technologies, and processes did they use?; (d) Were they moving from the same axial levels as this collective? What might have looked like just an other-relationship move was actually a multi-axial move.

3. Axial Description. Shift from a harmonic-vibrancy perspective to a uni-axial perspective, along all five axes. This opens up the collective’s awareness to axes of relationship that might facilitate a vibrancy move that might the collective might not have been aware of before. (a) Where is the collective on each axis?; (b) Is a higher level on each axis within the awareness of the collective?

4. Harmonic-Vibrancy Move Description. Describe possible harmonic-vibrancy moves, along all five primary axes, that can close the aspiration-reality gap: (a) Are we in the strongest of agreements to facilitate the vibrancy move?; (b) What agreements will support the collective making this vibrancy move?; (c) How do they support the holon at each level?; (d) How does the system of interwoven dynamics of people and resources leverage abundance?

The next posting will apply this process to three application areas: (1) the resources that sustain human interaction; (2) how people organize their work together; and (3) the value exchange that facilitates human interaction.

[1] Examples of uni-axial pathological vibrancy moves are when people perceive scarcity or insufficient relationship on one or more axes and act out of the only abundance they have, which takes them further into the “scarcity zone” of the already scarce relationship axes. This quickly leads to a collapse of relationship along the axis of abundance, back to the level of relationship along the other axes that can support a more balanced set of relationships.

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