Your Relationship to Spirit

This is part 6 in a 7-part post.

There is one other relationship I hear in people’s stories.  A corporate executive shared his perspective of this, “In scarcity mode, there just isn’t any creativity.  We know what to do in this mode, because the rules are given.  They are in the book.  We just ask what we are supposed to do.  I mean, somebody just tells us what the rules are.  This is very different in the abundance place, where we never even ask, because I can see what we can do, the creativity and knowing is everywhere.  The essence of the spirit of the group is that anything is possible.”  The figure below captures this.

In many groups, you experience the light coming from a respected, well established source.  Often in the form of a book, this is the story that shows the way.   At home, these are often the family standards for how things are done – the current generation’s interpretation of the family traditions.  At work this might be the employee handbook, the industry standards for best practices, or the code of ethics.  In religions these are the books of the guiding word of the omnipresent spirit.  This relationship you have to spirit as being the light coming from the accepted word is in the top-right of the figure above.

In other groups you are able to experience a greater invitation to spirit, where the creative force flows from you, in addition to the book.  The light shines through you as well.  This is when you experience the exhilaration of creativity, when it flows through you.  You experience yourself as being able to see the teachings from others, as well as having your own interpretations of what you think.  This is the creative force in you that makes others’ hearts sing, your parents cry, and your friends adore you.  This is the experience of yourself as the portal, the host, for the flow of spirit, as depicted in the middle of the figure above.

Sometimes you also experience your relationship to spirit as one of the radiance of everything around you.  In these moments, spirit is invited to show up everywhere it exists.  You see that spirit radiates from everything all around you – it is everywhere.  It is in these moments that you experience that you are actually co-hosting the flow of spirit: it is flowing in you, in everything else, and it is this awareness of hosting that awareness of flow that is your co-hosting gesture.  It is important that you are not only an observer, as when the light is sourced from outside of you, rather that you are an active participant, bringing spirit-awareness to the flow all around you.  This relationship to spirit is reflected in the bottom-left of the figure above.

Your relationship to spirit is where you experience the light with which you see everything else.  The level of harmonic vibrancy you experience in your relationship to spirit reflects the level of spirit that is invited into your experience.  From being a recipient of the light at the lowest vibrancy to an active host-recipient of the flow of spirit at middle vibrancy, to the co-host-participant-recipient at high vibrancy.  The agreements in different groups invite in different levels of spirit’s presence, from received wisdom in the book, to what you can see in yourself, to what can be experienced in everything.[1]

People have shared lots of distinctions around the spirit of the source of creativity.  When you feel all alone, nothing is there to support you, nothing is on your side.  Everything and everyone disappoints you.  There is no point to the whole game.  All that exists is what you can see in front of you.  The only thing that is real is what you can touch.  When you feel a part of a much greater whole, a part of the cosmos, you know that you are supported by something greater than you.  However you choose to acknowledge that relationship to a greater power, you are in awe of the potential.  In this space, anything is possible; you just have to see it.  Even the spirit of the group at work, on your team, and in your community is palpable.

My request to you

As in the previous five posts in this series, I invite your participation.  Share your own experiences in these pages — thoughts on what I share, or questions that arise.  I invite you as a citizen scientist to participate in the naming of the emerging field of ecosynomics, realizing the higher harmonic vibrancy available to all of us.


[1] Our relationship with Spirit explores the realm of possibility, where the absolute of the light-Spirit remains in the infinite.  The inner experience of this relationship to Spirit is simultaneously self-in-Spirit and self-as-Spirit, experienced as the transcendent I that continues after death and as the Thou in Thy will be done.  The self’s Spirit expression is physically observable in one’s continuous experience of and work with subtle-causal energies.  Culturally, the group supports the individual’s transcendent relationship with Spirit.  This culture of rejoining Spirit is supported by the social structures and processes of religion and spiritual development.

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