Levels of Application

Another common question, at this point in the conversation, asks, “Does this only work for me as an individual?  Does it also work for a group, an organization, a community, or a nation?”  So far it seems that these principles apply at all levels.  Why?  Agreements.

Agreements guide human interactions, at all levels.  Some people say that while it might work at the level of a small group, a nation is much more complex.  I find that everything is complex.  Every expert I have ever talked to tells me that their industry, their field of study, their work is complex.  “Sure, you were able to simplify the dynamics of an epidemic, but running an insurance company is complex,” said the insurance executive.  Yet another successful executive offered that, “Insurance is easy; poverty alleviation is impossibly complex.”  I suggest everything is complex at some level.

A more helpful perspective, for me, suggests that people can understand agreements at all levels, and that this understanding enables them to choose a different set of agreements.  I have done this with individuals, small groups like my family, a leadership team, and a school board, large groups like government agencies, multi-national corporations and non-profits, and global networks.  In all these cases, many of which I will highlight in this blog, people were able to understand their existing agreements and change their agreements.

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