My Personal Vision

In the formative days of the field of ecosynomics, there is one thing of which I am very clear.  Those who have come before us faced difficult questions, and through their deep work arrived at extraordinary insights.  They gained insights into different perspectives on how people meet their own selves and each other as they grow, on their own and together.  This has been a long journey many have taken, for which I am eternally grateful.  On the foundation they laid, my contemporaries and I are able to build a stronger future.  Specifically, this mean that I believe that everyone that has come before and is working now has provided insights into the human experience.  The task is to tease out the gems from each of these earlier contributions.  Humanity will see further because of them, not in spite of them.  This gesture has been characterized by others as one of “transcending and including.”  Transcending, or moving beyond, while including the best of what has been seen before.  We could not have arrived at this point without those experiences, insights, and the will they had to address them.  For that we are grateful.

I believe that naming the emerging field, making it visible and understandable, can support the movement to higher harmonic vibrancy that is happening globally, raising it to a higher level of momentum.  Said more boldly, I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to experience a higher level of harmonic vibrancy and abundance in their life.  Said another way, it is not okay that much of humanity experiences deep scarcity because of the agreements in which they live.  They can shift those agreements.  It is this generation’s work to provide the space where more people can connect to and benefit from what is being learned.  This is our contribution to a much freer world and more people experiencing that.

3 thoughts on “My Personal Vision

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