Integrating Possibility, Development, and Things

The 6th in a 9-post series on Perceived Levels of Reality

With the three levels of reality, as they relate to what is available in the three circles of harmonic vibrancy (see 3 circles here), I can now describe how people work with all three levels. Taking the five relationships in the 3-circles graphic and laying them flat along the top-line, the figure below shows these three levels of perceived reality for each of the five primary relationships.


By integrating the three levels of perceived reality with the five primary relationships, we will be able to see that the level of harmonic vibrancy and abundance available depends completely on how you work with this matrix.  I will show you that people use one of three pathways through this reality-relationship mix, and that the pathway determines the agreements available in those relationships.  Before I describe this, though, I will describe the intersection of levels of reality and relationships captured in the figure above.  It is foundational for the rest of our exploration of ecosynomics and the harmonic vibrancy of abundance.

This will be brief, as I have already described all of these elements as we looked at the human experience of relationship to the self, other, group, nature, and spirit.  For now I will simply point at the experience described in detail earlier.  At the possibility-light level, in the figure above, you see the possibility in who you can be, who someone else can be, and who the group can be.  In nature you experience the infinite possibilities of what light-energy could be.  In spirit you experience the deep source of creativity in everything everywhere always.  At the development-verb level, you experience the developing of your capacities and relationships over time, as well as the developing of the same for others and for the group.  In nature you experience the flows of manifesting, as people work with different tangible and intangible elements, such as building a house.  In spirit you experience the flowing of creativity.  At the things-noun level, you experience the capacities available in the moment, in your own self, in the other, and in the group.  In nature you see the results of working with nature, the elaborated nature.  In spirit you experience the creative force stored up in something.  In essence, you experience three levels of reality in living these five primary relationships.  This provides the lens for working with agreements of harmonic vibrancy that guide human interactions.

In the next post, I will describe three pathways people tend to take through the three levels of perceived reality.

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