The “Enlightened Noun-ness” Path

The 8th in a 9-post series on Perceived Levels of Reality

Of the two types of people I have found that work with all three levels, one type starts from the belief that nouns are the basis of reality.  Thus, being healthy means more noun.  More noun-health leads to greater well-being, the end desire of the good life.  And, nouns run out.  To be smart in noun-health, one needs to pay attention to the development of the capacities required to acquire more noun.  Wise noun-health sees that one needs to look into the potential one can develop for generating more noun.  On this path, it is just stupid to look only at the noun, as it will eventually go away.  Enlightened noun-ness means working with the verbs that generate more noun, and the potential that nurtures more development.  All three levels are engaged, in service of the noun.

That was very abstract.  A work example might shine some light on this perspective.  Your friend has a job writing articles for her local newspaper.  This is her noun, what is real.  She talks with her boss about improving her skills at writing.  She decides to take some classes.  Over time, with practice, she gets better at her craft.  They brought the development-verb level of reality to her noun reality.  She then begins to think about taking her writing to a whole new level, writing a book.  With her mentor, she explores her potential for being a book writer, seeing that she thinks that possibility is within her.  Sure enough it is.  This possibility-light reality showed her a possibility about her development that she had not seen before.  The possibility-light expanded the development-verb, which increased the things-noun: all in service of the noun.  It all helped her do her job better.

The enlightened noun-ness path certainly seems to be more productive and generative than the noun-only path.  I find that agreements formed on the enlightened noun-ness path can achieve the middle circle of occasional abundance, but I have not found any in the outer circle of high harmonic vibrancy and abundance.  Why?  By starting from the things-noun perspective, the group starts with an assumption of scarcity, limiting the harmonic vibrancy they can experience.  I will show this in a later blog.

11 thoughts on “The “Enlightened Noun-ness” Path

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