Agreements on “What I Experience”

3rd of 5 posts on “Lenses for Seeing Agreements”

Following the previous post on the agreements of “How much?”, the second question that comes up naturally looks at what I experience based on how much there is.  This is the qualifier I put on the amount of something that is available to me.  Maybe I want it, and maybe I do not.  I cannot know what the value is to me of the experience, if I do not ask the question, “What do I experience, in the presence of that amount?”

In some agreements, I might want to experience more of my potential, development, and capacities, while in other agreements I might be happy with just my capacities showing up.  If I am passionate about it, such as playing soccer, counseling a friend, cooking a meal, or leading a company, I probably want to experience more: more of the potential in myself, you, the group, nature, and spirit, along with the development of those capacities over time, and the plain abilities available now.  If I am not very passionate about it, like eating a quick snack, watching a movie, driving to the store, or getting a job done, then I might not want to experience more.  I might be fine with just experiencing what is available now, at the things level, while eating my snack or getting a job done, and I might not need to experience high levels of development and possibility.  This is a value judgment, connecting the experience of relationships and realities to the experience of vibrancy.  Early in our exploration, I shared how people clearly preferred the experience of higher vibrancy to lower vibrancy.  This second question provides a lens for seeing how to work with the value I perceive in the vibrancy I experience.  The next post looks at the question, “How do these elements interact?”

10 thoughts on “Agreements on “What I Experience”

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