What Is Possible in Resources? (Possibility-Light)

In previous posts, I looked at resources as accumulated things-nouns and as dynamic of development-verb.  From a light perspective, resources are infinite potential.  The infinite light could show up as anything: an idea, a feeling, an action, a tree, a memory of a river.  From your own experience, this is easy to see for some resources.  For other resources, it is harder to see.

I will start with some of the easier ones to see.  Out of seemingly nowhere, I begin to have an idea.  I can see that this idea is interesting and worth pursuing, or can I just let it pass.  If I pay attention to it, clearly I am giving it my cognition, my thinking.  What is not always so obvious is that I am also giving it my affect and my volition.  I am relating to it in my own experience, and by giving energy to it, I am giving it my will, my intention.  Thus, it is a full-minded or full-bodied experience.  This is why people can get “carried away” by the inflow of ideas.  When people give of their selves to this idea, they are playing in the realm of infinite possibility.  They are exploring things that are not manifest, yet.  In this interaction, they also have the opportunity of making this idea “real.”  By real I mean that it has passed from the realm of infinite possibility into the realm of probability.  It starts to gather other resources to it.  For example, when you are playing with ideas for a home, you are in the realm of possibilities.  Then, all of a sudden, you “see” the home you really want, and in that moment you make it real.  It shifts from infinite possibility into something that you begin to work on with others.  Money, time, materials, and lots of work start to flow towards the idea, towards the home.  While you will not live in the home for another few months, it is no less real.  This example of working with an idea that becomes real may be fairly easy to see.  There are many examples in our daily lives of resources like this.

Slightly harder to see examples include things that seem to be more distant from human acts of creation.  For example, a rock.  No human called it into being from a thought.  Yet, it exists, has shifted in form over millennia, and, if you believe Einstein, it contains a very large amount of energy in it.[1]  Physics even teaches that the rock that you now see is actually just another form of energy, and that over the ages it has shifted in forms of energy, starting out as light at one time.  Thus, everything started as light.  Some of the things that have manifested, meaning they have become real to our perception, came through human awareness.  Most things came through other processes.  Nonetheless, how you work with these other things involves the human process of manifestation.  You will then see that most of what you work with on a daily basis is influenced by the human process of working with the light, and manifesting it as a verb and noun.

Using the same technology as for the verbs and nouns, you can see that the money I have, in its noun and verb forms, shows up because I pay attention to it.  I give it my intention.  I could just as easily give my intention to the verb and noun forms of something else.  For example, I could have focused on acquiring and using the ingredients for making bread (see figure below).  Furthermore, I could have acquired them through exchange of something.  In both cases, I end up with bread.  The difference is how I choose to manifest it.

You need and interact continuously with all three levels – light, verb, noun.  The problem is when you constrict your understanding of what is happening to just one level.  While focusing on just the noun level allows you to see what you have, here and now, to do something, it limits your ability to accumulate the noun.  This leads to great inefficiencies.  Focusing on just the verb level lets you see how to accumulate something, without understanding what you can do with what you have.  Focusing on just the light level, you can give your attention to whatever possibility you want, but you cannot bring it into reality.  Thus, working on all three levels lets you choose from the infinitely possible what you want to choose to pay attention to, manifesting it in a way that you can grow and maintain it, and in a way that you can use here and now for other purposes.  Light and verb and noun.  This is easy, because this is the actual process you experience all the time for bringing something into reality and using it.


[1] Einstein showed what scientists have proven since then, that E=mc2.  The energy in a rock is equivalent to the mass of the rock times the square of the speed of light, which is a very large number.

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