Seeing the Light-Resources in All Primary Relationships

Looking through the lens of “how much,” I see the available resources, at all three levels of perceived reality.  At the possibility-light level, I am aware that what exists depends on what I give my attention to.  A simple example helps here.  If you have ever thought about going camping, throwing a party, designing a home, or going on vacation, you have experienced light-level resources.  Way before the end showed up – the campfire, the party, the home, the vacation – you started to invoke a lot of energy, in the form of intentions, wishes, hopes, fears, thoughts, and work, bringing together many people to work towards something in the future, a possibility they all began to see together.  A home becomes real when you and the architect can actually see it together.  From that moment on, lots of money, time, work, and materials come together, months before there is an actual house to sleep in.  That the house is not completed does not make it any less real.

Starting with the light, you interface with the world through five primary relationships: your own self, the other, the group, nature, and spirit.  As described earlier, from your own experience, you know that these are the primary ways in which you experience the harmonic vibrancy of life, the light as it manifests in this world.

Through these five relationships, you give your intention and attention to what shows up in the world as resources.  In light you experience your self stepping more deeply into your potential, your deeper gifts and calling.  It is what you see in your self and decide for that determines what begins to show up for you in your life.  If you decide to be an engineer, life starts to show up very differently than if you see yourself as a carpenter or a salesperson.  This also works in very short time frames.  What you believe about yourself, in this moment, heavily influences what you can see, in this moment.  This is very well documented.  What you give your intention to and what you pay attention to begins to show up in your life, for you.  The first step in this process is seeing the potential.  You can see that you are a caring person and believe that.  You can see yourself as an engineer and believe that.  When you see it, it resonates deeply within you.  Somehow, you just know.

In light you experience the same deeper stepping in me, into my deeper gifts and potential.  You can see my gifts, who I can be.  It just seems obvious to you, when looking at me, that my light would shine brightly in that way.  For example, you just know I would look great in those clothes, that I would really like meeting this person, and that I would be great at this job.  How do you know this about me?  While we might not know the “how,” I am clear, by asking hundreds of people in lots of countries, that we also “just know it.”   You can see it in others.  What is amazing about this capacity is that it is not based on past experience with that person.  It is not that you know I would like them because I already like them.  Nor that I would be great in a job that I have never done. You do not actually “know” this – at least not from past experience.  And yet, somehow you have a strong intuition that I will, and you am often right.

In light you experience the unique contribution of each person’s voice to the emergent harmony of the group, and the group’s nurturing of those unique contributions.  You can see the possibility for a group harmonic, way before the harmonic resulting from the group’s work together ever appears.  You can see the home, and who will help build, months before you can sit in it.  You can imagine a quintet, and what it will sound like, weeks before the group even comes together.  You can envision a family gathering at the beach for a week, a year before they get together.  You do this all the time, seeing the group interacting, even though the group has never been together before.

In light you experience nature through the process of manifesting the infinite possibility of light into the human realm of reality.  You live the continuous process of bringing light into verb into noun.  You see the mowed lawn, and create that by mowing the lawn.  You see the experience of the torte, and go to the store to make it happen.  You constantly “see” something, and then manifest it through your attention and your action.

In light you experience the source of creativity – possibility-light – in everything, everywhere about you.  When you look around, you see that acts of creation happening everywhere, in all things at all times.  Sun is shining.  Trees are growing.  Your kids are creating music together.

This is the light realm of your experience with resources, as seen through the five primary relationships you have with light.  In ecosynomic terms, it is through these five relationships that you transform the infinite potential in light energy into something you use to support your life, your resources.  When you give your attention to seeing these possibilities, you are able to see new opportunities.  You can see how what is needed is shifting, so that can change what you do before your current work becomes obsolete.  You can see the potential consequences of your future actions, and avoid unintended consequences from the outset.  When you do this, you avoid the costs of scarcity at the light level.

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