Converting Light-Resources from Possibilities to Probabilities

To move from the light level of possibility to the verb level of probability, you filter out possibility.  This is the same as saying, now it is real.  It has a life.  It is in a process of maturation, of development.[1]  The process is one you experience all of the time.  You can see a possibility, a potential.  You can agree on it.  You can give it your attention, making it explicit.  It becomes real, and you can step towards it.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire; you will what you imagine; and at last you create what you will.[2]

You know this happens when you experience the moment of transition from possibility to probability, when it becomes real, when you can actually see it with others, often way before it has a tangible form.  For example, when you throw around ideas of where to go eat with friends, these are possibilities.  At some point in the exploration, everyone all of a sudden seems to converge on a shared seeing, when they all see the same thing and agree.  It becomes real.  Long before they are actually sitting in the restaurant together, they begin to move resources to get there.  In a way, they can all see themselves there already.

[1] For the technically comfortable, we will “filter out” possibility by integrating the possible life process (dX/dt)/dp over possibility (p).  This means that we will have a “snap shot” in possibility of a flow over time.

[2] This quote is the from the play Back to Methusaleh by George Bernard Shaw, where the snake is interacting with Eve in Part I, Act I (Bernard Shaw, 1974, p. 70).

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