A Birdhouse Intensive

In 4 Salons, a dinner, and an Intensive this Spring, 150 Mexican leaders explored the experience of harmonic vibrancy and the Ecosynomics of agreements.

Towards the Education part of ISC’s charter, Jim Ritchie-Dunham has been working with ISC Fellows in Europe, USA, and Mexico to engage ever broader communities of people in the work of Ecosynomics. The ISC courses now focus at three levels: a 2-hour, experiential overview we call a Salon; introductory courses taught by ISC Fellows; and 3-day, in-depth Intensives with Jim R-D.

The Salons provide a 2-hour, interactive experience of the choice and agreements in the experience of harmonic vibrancy and the abundance-based principles supporting that experience.  The Intensive dives deeply into the Ecosynomics framework and its supporting tools.

Following up on a Salon in Boston in the fall 2012, a series of Salons across Germany in the fall 2012, and an Intensive in Massachusetts in December 2012, we just completed a series in Mexico.

Over three days at the Casa de Aves (Spanish for birdhouse), a beautiful resort in San Miguel de Allende, 3 hours north of Mexico City in Mexico, five students of Ecosynomics dove into the depths of the theory and practice with ISC President Jim Ritchie-Dunham.  In the evenings, they helped facilitate four two-hour Salons and a dinner hosted by the Council of Entrepreneurs of San Miguel de Allende, ISBAN of the Santander Group, and the Argentinian restaurant La Esquina Gaucha.

ISC colleagues at the SC Group, Conrado Garcia, America Rodriguez, and Jaime Martinez, hosted and coordinated the whole event.  The SC Group is now coordinating a series of Intensives and Salons in Mexico for the early fall 2013.

Additional Intensives are being planned for May in Massachusetts and June in North Carolina.  If you are interested in hosting or participating in a Salon or Intensive, please contact Jim R-D.

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