Ecosynomics Findings Hold in 40 Countries, Norwegian, and Hindi

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The Harmonic Vibrancy survey seems to have two impacts on the people that have taken it.  It helps them reflect on their experience of the harmonic vibrancy and abundance in a set of relationships, and through the reflection they see the agreements they have entered, consciously or not, that influence that experience.  From this experience, they begin to see both the possibility of new agreements and possible pathways for entering them.

The results from the survey provide initial insights into two questions currently guiding our exploration of the world of Ecosynomics and harmonic vibrancy.

1) Is there a continuum of harmonic vibrancy experienced in groups?

We found that people describe very clear levels of abundance, harmony, and vibrancy they experience, from very low to very high.  This runs counter to the general experience people report of low vibrancy and scarcity in most groups.

2) Are the relationships one has to the self, other, group, nature, and spirit related to the group’s experience of harmonic vibrancy?

The data shows that where people experience strong relationships (i.e., with themselves, others, the group, nature, and spirit), they experience them in ALL of the relationships.  Additionally, where ANY of the relationships are weak (low harmonic vibrancy), all of the relationships are weak.

The data also shows that there are over 300 groups that report very high levels of relationship and harmonic vibrancy.  The Institute is exploring what makes them sustainably different.  This finding runs counter to the belief that higher levels of health come from focusing on one of these relationships first, the core assumption of economics.

5 thoughts on “Ecosynomics Findings Hold in 40 Countries, Norwegian, and Hindi

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