I am sitting IN the harmonic vibrancy!


I am sitting IN harmonic vibrancy!  In a conference room just off the MIT campus with 68 Executive MBAs from the MIT Sloan School of Management.  Sitting IN it, on a chair, right in the middle of harmonic vibrancy.  Maestro Roger Nierenberg is hosting this experience with two dozen professional musicians from the Boston area.  I FEEL the difference between a low vibrancy focus on one of the five primary relationships (self or other or group, in the inner circle of harmonic vibrancy) and the high vibrancy when all five primary relationships are strong (self and other and group and nature and spirit, in the outer circle of harmonic vibrancy).

Maestro Nierenberg, a leading orchestra conductor for decades, calls this the “Music Paradigm,” a direct experience of the relationships and agreements that generate the experience of higher levels of harmony, vibrancy, and abundance in a group and leadership’s role in hosting that experience — right there in the room.  Very cool!

5 thoughts on “I am sitting IN the harmonic vibrancy!

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