People Are Self-interested AND Other-interested, Group-interested, Nature-interested, Spirit-interested — All Five at the Same Time

We experience self-interest.  Yes.  No matter how much some people decry self-interest, we each experience it.  We experience it as an interest in our experience in any given moment, as our learning and developing new capacities and relationships over time, and as the yet-untapped potential residing deep within us.  We do experience a relationship to ourselves, we are self-interested.

We are also other-interested.  We like seeing, acknowledging, engaging, partnering, supporting, and being with another human being.  We all want to be seen, acknowledged, supported, and loved by someone else.  We are other-interested.

And we are group-interested, wanting to make a unique contribution to any group we interact with, in a way that the group acknowledges and supports. We are also nature-interested, thrilling in the experience of different levels of perceived reality, of possibilities we can see, of the pathways we engage to realizing those possibilities envisioned, and of the outcomes we experience from that pathway in any given moment.  The there-then, the emergent-becoming, and the here-now are very real experiences of the time-space reality we experience in our nature-interest.  And, we are also spirit-interested, seeking the connection with the source of creativity, from the wisdom of the shoulders we stand on to the genius in each of us, we seek the spirit of creativity.  We are spirit-interested.

Given that we are interested in all five, the Ecosynomic question is how to set up our agreements to benefit all five in our daily experiences.  We know that in experiences of low harmonic vibrancy and scarcity, all five relationships are weak.  Conversely, we know that when we experience high harmonic vibrancy and abundance, all five relationships are strong.  We experience this difference, we know the difference between the two experiences — low and high — and we prefer the high.


How do we set up our agreements to achieve a higher level of all five?  Most theories and the processes derived from them suggest that we cannot achieve all five at the same time.  Yet, we do.  Through our survey, we have found hundreds of groups where people describe an experience of high levels of harmonic vibrancy and abundance, with strong relationships in all five at the same time.  People are doing this.

Ecosynomics asks how.  We ask how by understanding how to identify these groups, by finding them, by learning what they have learned, and by seeing deeper patterns across these many groups.  Ecosynomics is what we are naming the theoretical foundation that attempts to describe the experience of harmonic vibrancy and abundance.

To leave you with something other than our question, the first step towards the experience of higher levels of harmonic vibrancy and abundance in the agreements that most affect your daily experience is to realize that they are agreements, agreements that you choose, in each of the five relationships — self, other, group, nature, and spirit.  All five.

8 thoughts on “People Are Self-interested AND Other-interested, Group-interested, Nature-interested, Spirit-interested — All Five at the Same Time

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