Ask Jim!

Now that we have laid some of the Ecosynomic foundations for understanding the harmonic vibrancy and abundance people experience and the agreements that influence that experience, we are beginning to look at how these foundations apply to different questions.  We started with, “What are the agreements in money?” and “What are the agreements in collaboration?” and “What are the costs of scarcity?”  These explorations started with a question someone asked me about what Ecosynomics has to say about… (you fill in the blank).

What questions would you like to ask me about Ecosynomics and the experience of harmonic vibrancy?

2 thoughts on “Ask Jim!

  1. A colleague and I are starting to look at “What are the agreements in sustainability that hinder the movement we need to make it work”? In our search for answers, we came along Ecosynomics and connected our questions to your research. We start seeing and finding very interesting answers and new aspects in this field.


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