Experiencing Abundance in the Periphery – Meanderings through My Recent Reading [Focus by D. Goleman]

Goleman, D., Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence. 2013, New York: HarperCollins.

Combining recent neuroscience and psychological research with engaging stories of individuals exploring the edge of mindful attention, Daniel Goleman highlights what “focus” is, what biological, psychological, and sociological factors influence it, and the impact focus has on our inner experience and the outcomes we achieve. Spanning from kids in nursery school to leaders of global companies, Goleman, who popularized emotional intelligence, shows what is working amongst the 100,000s of people focusing today on how they bring their attention to their intentions.

From an Ecosynomic perspective, this work shows how Homo lumens chooses what to focus on, and how to control what gets its attention. Focus is a foundational skill for seeing and choosing agreements.

I enjoyed and recommend this book.

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