Guest post — Introducing the Experience of Harmonic Vibrancy in Mexico

Building on Annabel’s innovations on bringing a body experience to the Introduction to Ecosynomics course, I used the same exercises she developed for the Relationship to Self, Other, and Group. I tried different exercises for the Relationship to Nature and Spirit.

For the Relationship to Nature, standing outside in a beautiful forrest setting, we experienced: (1) how many things can you see? [noun-outcomes level]; (2) what can you see that does not change over time? [verb-development level]; (3) what could you imagine being in here and see it here? [possibility-light level].

For the Relationship to Spirit, we went into the library of the facility we were using, and picked a book. We then experienced: (1) point at 2 specific ideas in the text you picked; (2) notice 5 thoughts you have about those 2 ideas; (3) imagine everyone here taking on those ideas for themselves.

The experiences people had were really cool, finding themselves in their own experiences of the five relationships, in just 2 hours.

Reflections of a Pactoecographer

Guest post by Annabel Membrillo, ISC Fellow 

When I was designing an Introductory Experience of Harmonic Vibrancy, some questions came to my mind: can I find a real experience for the group? An experience that talks not just to their mind, but makes them feel it in their body and will?  I did not want to start with their mind in the very beginning, and that was a bit difficult for me, since I am so accustomed to work with my mind. Then an inspiring moment gave me some ideas of how to do this.

Feeling each relationship in the body. I believe there is a way to get people to feel Harmonic Vibrancy. I did this body experience in about an hour and a half. The I, Other, and Group relationships were easier to experience in the physical. I still need a good form of body experience for…

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