Course-workshops in Ecosynomics throughout the rest of 2014

Hello fellow vibrancy bringers!

Throughout the rest of 2014, I will be offering several courses/workshops in Ecosynomics. I offer these courses to support you in deepening your work with harmonic vibrancy and Ecosynomics, so that you can bring this work to your part of the emerging global Vibrancy network; whether through consulting services, courses you offer, research questions you explore, or content you create and share.

The courses range from an overview introduction to advanced topics so there are many possibilities available. (see course descriptions at  With these courses, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Ecosynomic framework and its many abundance-based applications in all realms of life. And because the courses are limited in size, you will receive more personalized attention from me and the other people hosting this course with me. The courses range from US$1,000-1,5000, depending on whether they are 2 or 3 days long. The fee includes all meals and supplies, but not housing. We can offer limited housing with us and can make recommendations for places in the area.

You can sign up and pay for the courses online at the Vibrancy Store (  Scholarships are available, including a full scholarship if you bring 2 or more people paying full tuition with you.

If certification interests you, you can complete certification Levels 1 and 2 in Ecosynomics this year, and advance on Level 3.  I describe the levels of certification on the Certifications page at

If you have any questions or suggestions about specific courses, or ideas about offering one of the courses near you, please let me know via email at  If you know someone you think might enjoy or benefit from this abundance-based approach, please feel free to forward this email or the link to the Vibrancy Is A Choice site (

All my best,


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