Guest post — Creating a “Handbook on the Agreements Evidence Map”

Guest post by Eyal Drimmer, Certified Vibrancy Guide

I want to share an innovation to the introduction of the harmonic vibrancy experience.  After collaborative reflections with Annabel Membrillo and Christoph Hinske and my own experience of trying it in a workshop, I documented the method (see Google Doc).  This builds on what Annabel posted earlier.  The tool is part of the emerging “Ecosynomics Tool Box” (see also ‘Perceived Reality Check-In’ and ‘Handbook Agreement Evidence Map’).

I invite you to collaborate on enriching the document through adding your own experiences and in the Google Doc until the end of September.  I will publish the updated version in the beginning of October.

3 thoughts on “Guest post — Creating a “Handbook on the Agreements Evidence Map”

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