Guest post — Reflections on “Homo lumens” post

Guest post – Jim Throneburg, founder of THORLO

I love the observation in the “homo lumens” post, but I have a couple of things I think are a little misleading by making it seem that the cost of engaging people is low. I have to challenge that, on principle.

I distinguish between the “cost” of a salary and the “investment” in supporting growth and development. As far as the cost of the salaries of the people engaged, I agree with the point you make, there is little to no difference in this cost. And this misses the significant investment required to support the on-going growth and development for both the individual and the group. This can be significant, such as the time spent in dialogs, workshops, and coaching-feedback sessions, which for us easily reaches 10-15% of the individual’s salary. This investment is not little, as your blog suggests.

And, by focusing on the cost plus the investment, one can then ask about the return on this investment. Here I agree with you. The net result, the “synergistic savings,” can be huge. For example, we saved over $5million from just such a shift in agreements for a group of 50 people. So, if you take the net effect of the synergistic savings into account, I agree with what you say.


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