Know a High-Vibrancy STATISTICIAN?

Finance-Chart-Statistics-Backgrounds-1000x750In search of a great statistician who is very intrigued with our work in Ecosynomics and harmonic vibrancy.  Specifically, we want someone expert in (1) the statistical analysis of survey data and (2) correlational research design.

We have two projects that would greatly benefit from an expert in statistical analysis:

  1. looking at the 2,300+ responses from 90 countries to the harmonic vibrancy survey — we need more in-depth analysis of the data and the hypotheses we are testing
  2. designing the statistical analysis process for a global, 6-region, 3-year research project, where we will be testing a series of hypotheses about the harmonic vibrancy experience, underlying agreements, and outcomes

If you know of someone, or you are that person, who would love to contribute to our work of bringing greater understanding of high vibrancy groups to the world, through rigorous statistical analysis, please let me know [info (at) ecosynomics (dot) com].  Location does not matter.

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