Guest post — Short Research Reflection on the Vibrancy Survey Data of Participants in The Synergy Forum Europe in Berlin 2014

Guest post by Adrian Wagner

The Synergy Forum Europe met December 12-14, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.  This was a first prototype to support a global movement of activism and entrepreneurship grounded in source awakening, unique emanation and collective synergy. Over the last yeaAW post 1r, several initiatives and ideas have let to the foundation of the Synergy Forum, with a great focus on how we can come as activists within a world in crises not from a place of scarcity but from a place of abundance, within all the struggles and difficulties experienced by global change makers, entrepreneurs, and activists.

Within this post, I highlight the level of vibrancy experienced by the people that are attracted to the Synergy Forum and how support for this level of perceived reality is reflected in the Synergy Forum’s value proposition.  We started by asking each participant to take the Vibrancy Survey.  Because they came from different backgrounds, each participant was asked to rate his own personal work experience at the moment.

The graphic below summarizes the group’s results for their experienced relationship to group wellbeing, leadership quality, self, other, group, process of innovation, and source of creativity.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-05 um 19.16.11

The significant variance experienced in the five primary relationships (self, other group, innovation, creativity) clearly reflects the diverse background of the group, since none work in the same company or project.  Even with this great diversity of experiences, the participants all shared the experience of high vibrancy in their relationship to the other and to the quality of leadership — this seems to me to be due to their high level of maturity.

The group results also showed a relatively low level of vibrancy experienced in their relationship to the source of creativity and process of innovation, suggesting they seem to be disconnected to these two relationships. Since the Synergy Forum’s goal is to reach out to an audience that is already engaged in the world and has certain experience with self-development, the rating within the areas of group well being and relation to self could be a first sign and indicator that we are reaching our imagined target market.

The lower level of creativity and innovation on the other hand might show what people are expecting from the Synergy Forum event. In fact the three-step process of “Source Awakening,” “Unique Emanation,” and “Collective Synergy” within the Synergy Forum events is designed to support people in recognizing the underlying source of creativity as well as how to use this source and give it a unique, innovative expression. The last step relates to how participants can work and build synergies when our source of creativity and each participant’s unique, innovative expression is discovered and owned. Therefore using the Vibrancy Survey helped to clarify, in a first step, the needs and qualities of our participants, which might help us for the next training to communicate the advantage and learnings within a Synergy Forum with greater precision.

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