Win a Free Audiobook of Ecosynomics

Audiobook_Icon_largeWin a FREE copy of the Ecosynomics audiobook!

Describe 3 groups that you know, using the Relational Abundance survey, and we will send you a free audiobook of Ecosynomics: The Science of Abundance.  Normally it is a US$24.94 value at

What you do

All you have to do is take the Relational Abundance survey 3 times ( in any one of ten languages available.  Your responses will be held confidential!

Take the survey three (3) times, describing your experience of:

  • First, the most energy-enhancing (highest vibrancy) group you know
  • Second, a group you are in at work or school
  • Third, your family or a group of friends

Once you have completed the survey, email me at info (at) or through my Contact page, letting me know you have described three groups.  I will then send you the discount code for getting your free copy of the Ecosynomics audiobook at the Vibrancy store.

How this contributes to our research

By sharing your confidential experiences, you are contributing to our research at the Institute for Strategic Clarity on the experience people have in groups, and how this experience is influenced by the underlying agreements in the group.  We will never share your specific responses with anyone.  It is confidential.  So far this research includes over 2,400 responses from 92 countries.  You can learn more about our initial findings here.

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