Get Certified in Ecosynomics — Public Registration Is Open

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Vibrancy and the Institute for Strategic Clarity open public registration today for a second cohort in three certification programs in Ecosynomics, which start September 3, 2015.  This brief overview highlights the three programs, what courses they include, dates, and pricing.

Invitation.  If you are interested in deepening your ability to work with the Ecosynomics framework and tools and in receiving certification for that deepened capacity, then the following certification programs might interest you.

Given the interactive and intensive nature of the cohort-based certification program, we are limiting the size of each cohort to 12 people.

Three Programs.  Vibrancy and the Institute for Strategic Clarity offer three levels of certification in Ecosynomics: Introduction; Certified Ecosynomic Technician; and Certified Master in Ecosynomics.


  • Instructor. Jim Ritchie-Dunham
  • Description. This 3-day course provides an intensive, interactive overview to Ecosynomics, starting with the corporeal experience of knowing the harmonic vibrancy one experiences and outcomes one achieves in any situation, using evidence-based methods to see the agreements that influence those experiences and outcomes, identifying processes and structures that support a higher level of experience and outcomes, and designing a path to consciously shifting those agreements. This is a great introductory course for Ecosynomics.
  • Equivalent. 3-day continuing education course


  • Instructor. Jim Ritchie-Dunham
  • Description. This set of 4 courses provides you with the capacity to work with Ecosynomic agreements, (1) leading groups through the experience of scarcity, abundance, and choice in their agreements, (2) using Ecosynomic tools to highlight the group’s current and desired experience, agreements, and outcomes, (3) guiding them through process of collaboration and transformation, and (4) measuring abundance-based success along the way. This is a great technical training in leading Ecosynomic interventions.
  • Prerequisite. You must complete the Introduction to Ecosynomics course prior to taking this training.
  • Equivalent. 6-month Diplomme certificate


  • Instructor. Jim Ritchie-Dunham with invited high-vibrancy practitioners for each course
  • Description. This set of 11 mastery courses provides you with the capacity to strategically design, lead, transform, and assess groups founded in abundance-based agreements, from small teams to large organizations, networks, and large-scale social change efforts.
  • Prerequisite. You must complete the Certified Ecosynomic Technician training prior to taking this training.
  • Equivalent.   2-year MBA

The following table highlights the courses offered in each level with a brief description of the course and its equivalent in a traditional business school curriculum.

Certification Schedule 060515a

Location.  The certification programs are currently offered in Amherst, Massachusetts (USA).

Pricing.  You can see in the table above that the cohort will be meeting 4 times a year, for 7 days. Each course meets for a full 3 days. There is 1 day between the two courses included in each visit, to allow time for preparation and reflection. This overall spacing of the courses attempts to maximize time for work between courses while minimizing travel time to the courses.

The cost for each course is US$300 or US$100/day. The cost includes instructor fees and materials provided. The cost does not include transportation, lodging, or food. We can help you arrange local lodging, and we will collectively arrange for food. We request payment before the course. You can pay in one installment or as you go.

Next Steps. If you are interested in registering or have any questions about the program, please contact me at jimrd {at} We can discuss what levels of certification works best for you.

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