HV Move Process “Guardrails”

When guiding someone through a Harmonic Vibrancy Move process, to support them in consciously choosing their agreements, I have found it useful to remember a small set of guardrails.  This minimal set of “guardrails” supports us in staying on the desired path as we encounter the infinite complexities that arise in any process.

I use the guardrails as reminders, as supports for seeing, choosing, and enacting agreements with individuals, small groups, and very large groups.  These guardrails provide reminders for the principles we want to co-host along the transformational journey.  The five guardrails I use are: (1) abundance-based (2) co-hosting of (3) a collaborative (4) inquiry into (5) the agreements, experience, and outcomes available within the system.

  1. abundance-based.  Am I being abundance-based, open to the potential, to the possibility available in the group and to how to manifest it?  Are the processes I am facilitating supporting abundance-based inquiry?
  2. co-hosting.  Am I engaging my own hosting intention in the process?  Am I remembering that the others, nature, and spirit are also hosting this with me?  Am I facilitating that co-hosting?
  3. a collaborative.  Am I inviting the unique contributions of all participants?  Are we collaborating to produce a synergistic harmony from the combination of our contributions?
  4. inquiry into.  Am I coming from a place of knowing or asking?  If I don’t know and you don’t know until we see it together, I must foster and co-host a space, a process of inquiry, an inquiry into the possibilities we see when we bring together our individual contributions.
  5. the agreements, experience, and outcomes available within the system.  We engaged in the Harmonic Vibrancy Move process, because we saw that something greater than our current reality was available to us.  We know that the vibrancy we experience tells us about the quality of the underlying agreements we have, and the outcomes available.  Am I checking in continuously with myself and with the others to see what our experience is indicating about our agreements and outcomes?  Are we open to seeing new possibilities, in our experiences, agreements, and outcomes, and seeing pathways for manifesting the new possibilities?

If you have developed other guardrails for co-hosting a group through the Harmonic Vibrancy Move process or would like to share your experiences in using these guardrails, please include them in the Comments section here.

6 thoughts on “HV Move Process “Guardrails”

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