Get Real! More Real

When we look into the world, we see stuff.  Technically we can call what we see “resources.”  There is a big debate about which resources are “real.”  A more nuanced debate asks, “Which resources are ‘more real’?”   Things we can touch.  Specific outcomes — nouns.

Are nouns, enhanced by the dynamic development of the noun over time (verbs), and future possibilities (light) more real?  Are the plain nouns more real, or are the enhanced nouns more real?

Or are the possibilities to which we dedicate most of our creative efforts more real?  Think about the time and energy that goes into building the house you designed, way before you ever lived in the house.  Are the possibilities that we develop over time, into something we can touch, more real?

The Noun Perspective.  When we focus on productivity and wealth, the “real” factors of nouns that are here now can possibly be enhanced by specific verbs and light.  This is the formulation of classical political economics.

The Light Perspective.  When we focus on sustainable growth, the “real” factors for disruptive innovation are possibility, development, and outcomes.

If you are going to get real, which perspective do you take?

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