Your Full-lumens Diet

Your daily ritual. You are a calorie burner, and you are a creative being. You burn calories and lumens, the creative energy. For both your calorie and lumens burning, which are outflows, you need nourishment or inflows. Choosing what you put into your body is also known as a diet. While many think a lot about what calories they put in their body, it is healthy to also think about what lumens they put in their body.

Simply, what mineral elements do you take in to form your physical body? Do you know what the actual ingredients are and whether your body processes them well? It is easy to find out. Eat it and see what your body tells you.

What intentions do you let in to nurture your volitional energy of choice? Do you set those or does someone else use your intentions, your drive to do things? To find out, ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Did you choose this consciously? Did someone else? What would you choose? Do these choices align with your Big YES? Try, and see what happens.

Your relationships with others, what you feel in them, and how you support them nurture your social energy field. Witnessing how you feel in these relationships is completely within your power. Are these relationships and how you perceive and react within them nourishing you or taxing you? You can tell by seeing whether you feel better or worse for being in them.

The ideas that you accept into your thoughts, consciously and unconsciously, directly nourish how you perceive what the world is and how it works. Are you choosing what enters your thoughts, or are you accepting someone else’s conditioning? You are exposed to massive amounts of information all day long. Are you choosing what you allow in? And, just because you are exposed to it, does not mean that you have to accept it. Do these thoughts align with your values, with what you know to be true from your own experience? You can choose the thoughts you use to align your perception of what is happening in your context with your values and your deeper contribution.

These are four basic elements of your full-body diet. The minerals, intentions, feelings, and thoughts that directly nourish your body. You put junk in, and you feel junky. You put in elements that strengthen you, you are stronger. It is easy to tell with each of these four elements. Simply try, and pay attention to what your body tells you. Then adjust. It is your choice.

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