Kraft Mexico: Living Labs

Kraft Mexico with Conrado Garcia Madrid

The Kraft Mexico project in 2003 brought together the Kraft Mexico sales team with its top distributors to understand the underlying dynamics of what worked and did not work in the sales system for them.  Combining system dynamics simulation and strategic clarity analysis, this project culminated in a 1.5-day event with 60 participants from Kraft and their lead distributors.

Initial Project Description

In this 21-minute exploration, Conrado provides an overview of this strategic process, initial insights, key experiences or shifts in the participants, and innovations in working with other consulting processes and in bringing together a large group of stakeholders.

Video (or audio-only version)

ISC Live Lab Co-investment and Return on Co-investment

Context.  In 2003, we were integrating systemic strategy and impact measurement.

Co-investment.  In this fieldwork with Kraft, we co-invested our intellectual property of strategic systems thinking and system dynamics simulation.

Return on Co-investment.  The return on this co-investment was refining our understanding of the process in integrating our strategic systems process with formal system dynamics simulation, and in the development of strategic measurement tools based on the strategic systems simulation.

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One thought on “Kraft Mexico: Living Labs

  1. LOVED seeing Conrado and hearing the Kraft story. Wanted to hear one on-the-ground example of what was learned and was curious about how a “loser” worked subsequently with their experience.


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