Mexican Financial System: Living Labs

Mexican Financial System with Luz Maria Puente Kawashima

The Mexican Financial System project, in 2012-2013, used strategic systems mapping to engage institutions across the Mexican financial system, including 42 stakeholder interviews from banks, non-banking banks, think tanks, academics, regulators, and insurers, from micro-financing to large financial institutions.  The intention, supported by co-investors UNIFIM, PWC, and the Institute for Strategic Clarity, was to see if it was possible to create a financial system that was healthier for all.

Initial Project Description

In this 19-minute exploration, Luz Maria provides an overview of the project, the 1-year process, key insights, key experiences or shifts in the participants, and potential and documented impacts.

Video (audio-only) version

ISC Live Lab Co-investment and Return on Co-investment

Context.  In 2012, we were developing the ecosynomic approach to strategic systems issues involving diverse stakeholders.

Co-investment.  In this fieldwork in the Mexican financial system, we co-invested our intellectual property of strategic systems thinking and system dynamics simulation, and our social capital within the Mexican financial system.

Return on Co-investment.  The return on this co-investment was seeing how to engage a large, resource-rich system in shifting a whole system towards a deeper shared purpose that many leaders of the financial industry were able to understand and embrace.

Further References

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