Purpose Is Now Mainstream-Obvious

Our colleagues on the mainstream’s leading edge have now taken up “purpose” in a serious way. Purpose is no longer a nice-to-have, leading-fringe thing. It is not just for the systems thinkers and esoterically-oriented leaders out there. Connecting to the motivating reason that organizes everyone’s efforts in an efficient, effective way generates much greater value. […]

Why Is It A Surprise That It Is VERY EXPENSIVE To Disengage The People You Already Engaged? Some Are Figuring This Out

The folks at Gallup, whose global studies have shown that most people are disengaged at work, are now finding and studying groups who are actively working to not disengage their people. A 2020 report found four factors that drive higher engagement. Actually engaging with the people who already show up at your work is possible, […]

Where Am I Actually Disengaged, in Your World or Mine?

I have read quite a bit lately about the very high percentage of people, across the globe, who report being disengaged at work.  A recent McKinsey study of millions of employees confirms this finding–most people are not engaged at work. This does not make sense to me.  I experience that Homo lumens is always generating creativity, somewhere.  Maybe […]

The Abundance of Scarcity — Reflections by Paul Saffo

There is not enough stuff in the world.  At least the kind of stuff people need for a decent life.  That was the story that kicked off modern economics in the late 1800s, which was built on the foundation of the scarcity of things that provide material wellbeing. Stanford’s Paul Saffo suggests that what is […]

Ecosynomics — The Study of Negative Deviance — An Alternate Framing

In Ecosynomics, we study negative deviance: what makes groups not extraordinary, not high vibrancy.  We started to answer that question by describing what makes high vibrancy groups extraordinary.  We have found lots of them, and spent quite a bit of time with a few of them.  We now have a pretty good idea of what makes them […]

Not Being Engaged at Work Until November 12 — Dissolving the Disengaged Paradox

Yet another report from Gallup highlights how deeply disengaged people are in the work environment.  Gallup’s previous research in 195 countries showed that 87% of people in the workforce are either unengaged or actively disengaged.  That’s like not being engaged at work from January 1 to November 12, and only engaged from November 12 to December 31. A […]

Agreements Based in Deficits

What happens when you lop off or collapse human beingness?  How does that influence the experience that person has?  The experience others have with that person? Much of what we know about how people work comes from studying deficits, from studying the behavior of people who are missing something.  What happens when people, either by birth or through an […]

From Human Resources to Homo lumens as Competitive Advantage

We all have access to a vast competitive advantage most never see or use.  The question of “competitiveness” seems to be ever-present, whether you are an individual looking to exchange money (wages) for a labor contract or grants for project impacts, or a group providing products or services in the marketplace, a community attracting homeowners and […]