The Metamemetics and Epimemetics of What Homo lumens Experiences in Human Agreements

Are people predisposed to unconsciously accept and consciously choose certain kinds of agreements?  Do some people tend towards more vibrant or less vibrant experiences of the five primary relationships (to self, other, group, nature, spirit)?  Are people conditioned by the group’s agreements or do individuals condition the group’s agreements?  Do the agreements of a group […]

Guest post — Homo lumens — Where Attention = Love = Energy

Guest post by Leslie Ritchie-Dunham, Director of Creative at Vibrancy Labs The work of Vibrancy is to surface, understand and rethink the underlying agreements of how we, as Homo lumens, recognize and organize ourselves. Why do we do this? Because what modern organizations are still doing for the most part; how they work, how they are structured, […]

The Reality That Is Always Here, Ready for Homo lumens to Discover — Recommended Reading

Gebser, Jean, The Ever-Present Origin (N. Barstow with A. Mickunas, Trans.), 1985, Athens, OH: Ohio University Press.   Click here for chapter one. When you are ready to dive deep into a multi-cultural, multi-millennia, aperspectival exploration of the three levels of perceived reality, as described in ecosynomic terms as possibility, development, outcomes or light, verb, and noun, I invite you to […]

Homo lumens Flys a Horse — Recommended Reading

Ashton, Kevin, How to Fly a Horse: The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery. 2015, New York: Doubleday.   Click here for an interactive companion to the book. “The question is not whether invention is the sole province of a tiny minority but the opposite: how many of us are creative?  The answer, hidden in plain sight, […]

2015 the International Year of Homo Lumens

The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light.  This seems like a great opportunity to also celebrate the beings of light — Homo lumens — that we humans are.  Our research at the Institute for Strategic Clarity suggests that people describe their experience of themselves and others in terms […]

Guest post — Reflections on “Homo lumens” post

Guest post – Jim Throneburg, founder of THORLO I love the observation in the “homo lumens” post, but I have a couple of things I think are a little misleading by making it seem that the cost of engaging people is low. I have to challenge that, on principle. I distinguish between the “cost” of […]

From Human Resources to Homo lumens as Competitive Advantage

We all have access to a vast competitive advantage most never see or use.  The question of “competitiveness” seems to be ever-present, whether you are an individual looking to exchange money (wages) for a labor contract or grants for project impacts, or a group providing products or services in the marketplace, a community attracting homeowners and […]

Is the State of Nature LOCKEd In or enLUMENSed?

Are we locked in to or liberated by our natural state?  This is an old question.  With a hat tip to Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau, perhaps I provide a new twist here. If Nature is the essence of the reality we experience as living beings, what is real to us?  How do we define reality?  People […]

2 Gifts We Gave Ourselves: Triggers and Signals

As Homo lumens you experience separation when your attention is focused on perceiving things as nouns.  You are separate from it.  The same happens when your attention focuses on perceiving change as verbs.  This separation from, being apart from it, allows you to experience it.  This separation, of being apart from the 10D reality, in a […]

If Every Human Is Uniquely Constituted and Contextualized, Always All Ways, Then…

As Homo lumens, a being of light, you know when you experience being alive.  You experience many dimensions of aliveness. Energy, attraction to something, your senses, reflections on what you are perceiving, potentials, activities, outcomes, choices, physicality in 3 dimensions (breadth, width, depth), groups, others, your own self.  You experience all of this.  And, you are […]