Your Creative PROCESS Is Not Her Networking PROCESS Is Not My Transactional PROCESS

Process.  Some love it, some hate it, some are indifferent.  There’s too much of it, too little of it.  Everyone talks about it.  Creative process, decision process, purchasing process.  Processes are everywhere. A process is a process is a process, right?  One thing, then another, then another.  Basically, all the same, right?  Wrong. From the […]

Guest post — Reflections on “Homo lumens” post

Guest post – Jim Throneburg, founder of THORLO I love the observation in the “homo lumens” post, but I have a couple of things I think are a little misleading by making it seem that the cost of engaging people is low. I have to challenge that, on principle. I distinguish between the “cost” of […]

Practical Principles for Living Higher Levels of Harmonic Vibrancy in an Organization

Research at the Institute for Strategic Clarity has identified many organizations and communities experiencing higher levels of harmonic vibrancy and superior performance outcomes.  To share what we are learning within these organizations, we are capturing their stories in video. In this video, I interview Jim Throneburg, the founder of THORLO, the leader in preventive foot […]

Guest post — Self-discovery Leadership

Guest post by Jim Throneburg  The essence and secret of the leadership required in these unprecedented times is Self-discovery.  Only by awakening into the higher Self who lives – largely concealed and unconscious – within each of us can we realize our own possibilities and enable others to do the same.  The challenge, “Know thyself,” […]

Living Ecosynomics: Brand Stewardship at THORLO

Past-cast Series — Seeing relevance in earlier publications Ritchie-Dunham, James, James Throneburg, and Michael Puleo. 2010. Living Ecosynomics: Brand Stewardship at THORLO, White Paper, Belchertown, MA: Institute for Strategic Clarity, October. This is a story about a company whose idealistic and successful leader has long been engaged in re-inventing it as an American-based, community-rooted, sustainable […]

THORLO: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of Sustainability

Past-cast Series — Seeing relevance in earlier publications Leaf, Andrew, and Ned Hulbert. 2010. THORLO: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of Sustainability, White Paper, Belchertown, MA: Institute for Strategic Clarity, November. This is a case history of classic entrepreneurial skills at work, of a company that has excelled at reading changes emerging in the world and responding […]

Relating to Organization

The second application of the four-step harmonic vibrancy move is to how people organize their work together. Gap Description The first step is to define the harmonic vibrancy aspiration-reality discrepancy to be minimized.  The common wisdom is that people work together to achieve something that they cannot alone.[1] The aspiration people hold for organization is […]