4 Strategies for Tangibilizing Societal Agreements — Recommended Reading

Waddell, Steve. “Four Strategies for Large Systems Change.” Stanford Social Innovation Review 16, no. 2 (2018): 40-45. To achieve societal outcomes for everyone, everywhere, everyday within any given social system requires bringing together peoples with access to different economic resources, different political decision making and enforcement systems, different values, and different organizing forms.  It requires […]

Audacious Maximus — Recommended Reading

Waddell, Steve. Change for the Audacious: A Doer’s Guide. 2016, Boston: NetworkingAction Publishing.  Click here for the Introduction and Chapter 1. Fine-tuning how to work with what we already understand occupies most of our efforts.  What route to our next destination minimizes unwanted traffic and maximizes opportunities to complete errands?  How can we design the agenda and space for our next meeting […]

Guest post — Ecosynomic Forum on Large System Change and Sustainability

Guest post by Prof. Dr. Martin Welp, Chair of Socioeconomics and Communication, University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde, Head of the International Master Study Programme Global Change Management, and Christoph Hinske is Vibrancy European Lead Steward and Contributing Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Clarity. The 1st Eberswalde Ecosynomics Forum on April 2, 2015 focused on large system […]

Networking Action Intelligence

Need for much better outcomes The bells are ringing for greater efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation around how humanity begins to address seemingly insurmountable issues at the global and local levels.  The bells are ringing everywhere, calling for new responses, and some people are starting to respond to the calling.  These people are responding to issues […]

A Learning History of the CARE-LAC – Institute for Strategic Clarity Guatemala Poverty Project

Past-cast Series — Seeing relevance in earlier publications Waddell, Steve. 2005.  A Learning History of the CARE-LAC – Institute for Strategic Clarity Guatemala Poverty Project. White Paper on Collaborative Holistic Inquiry Project in Guatemala, Amherst, MA: Institute for Strategic Clarity, March. This is a learning document rather than an evaluation, although if used well it should […]

Guest post — Network Routines for Harmonic Vibrancy

Guest blog by Steve Waddell The global, multi-stakeholder issue change networks of the sort I deal with – Global Action Networks (GANs) – have particular assets and challenges in supporting the development of harmonic vibrancy.  Their core asset is that they typically work towards an inspiring vision:  Transparency International and a corruption-free world, the Global […]

Globally Local Agreements — Innovating in Results Developed from Possibility

My colleague Steve Waddell introduced me a few years ago to an emerging phenomenon, which he identified and named Global Action Networks (GANs).[1]  These GANs are pursuing an alternative to traditional, not very effective, approaches to dealing with large-scale problems that exist across national boundaries and affect people both locally and globally, such as poverty, […]

Relating to Resources

The first application of the four-step harmonic vibrancy move is to the resources that support human life. Resources are anything that is accumulated, whether tangible or intangible.[1] For example, food, housing, schools, and markets are tangible, while hunger, emotional support, learning, and feeling connected are intangible. Gap Description The first step is to define the […]