I am a student of human agreements, exploring how we make them, why we don’t see most of them, and how to change them.  I am a social impact co-investor at Vibrancy, president of the Institute for Strategic Clarity, and a pactoecographer, mapping the social topography of the planet.

For my academic CV, click here.  Follow me on Twitter @jritchiedunham.

What I envision

Looking out twenty years, I believe a completely different set of agreements can exist among all peoples, agreements in which people can strive towards their own deeper potential.  I believe that we will look back to 2019 as a time when the work of a few began to support the emergence of this new set of agreements, in critical, high-leverage ways, and that our work played a key role in that work. It will have been through the “naming” of the foundations of the new agreements, what we now call ecosynomics, that people began to identify what they were learning and to connect with each other in support of the new agreements.

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