Relating to Resources

The first application of the four-step harmonic vibrancy move is to the resources that support human life. Resources are anything that is accumulated, whether tangible or intangible.[1] For example, food, housing, schools, and markets are tangible, while hunger, emotional support, learning, and feeling connected are intangible. Gap Description The first step is to define the […]

Ecosynomic Axioms

To find order in seeming confusion is the pattern-seeking, sense-realizing effort of the theorist and practitioner. Axioms are the building blocks of assumptions about the primary agreements that guide human interaction. Since these underlying axioms are deep assumptions that guide the development of guiding principles and agreements, it is important to make them explicit. Since […]

Social Health

Healthy community requires six interrelated dimensions (see Figure 1).[1] In a healthy community, all six dimensions are strong.[2] Figure 1: Dynamics of Individual and Collective Prosperity As a collective is able to construct an integrated expression of its communities, its intercultural identity clarifies, which leads to stronger social structures and processes that support everyone. Strengthened […]