Guest post — Ecosynomics of EU Building Renovation

Guest post by Christoph Hinske, Vibrancy European Lead Steward, Institute for Strategic Clarity Contributing Fellow I was invited by the World Green Building Council to share a high-level summary of our research at the kick-off conference of the BUILD UPON project in London [read PDF – ISC_WorldGBC 3 Slides // watch VIDEO]. BUILD UPON is an innovative two-year Horizon 2020 project that aims at helping European countries […]

Guest post — An Abundance-based Approach to Fostering LOcal Wellbeing (FLOW)

Guest post by Anna Cowen, Meshfield co-founder, architect, urbanist, facilitator, and Vibrancy South Africa steward and John Ziniades, Meshfield co-founder, internet entrepreneur, engineer, facilitator, and Vibrancy South Africa steward What is the light touch needed to awaken a place into its’ full expression of “grounded possibility”? How can we foster the kind of growing conditions that will […]

Guest post — High Vibrancy in the Salt Lake Civil Network

Guest post by John T. Kesler, is an attorney, facilitator, writer, consultant, lecturer, and founder and chair of the Salt Lake Civil Network   In the Salt Lake Civil Network (SLCN) we have a Mentor Council whose sole function is to hold an open container of possibility. Members of our Mentor Council and others in our SLCN […]

Guest post — Short Research Reflection on the Vibrancy Survey Data of Participants in The Synergy Forum Europe in Berlin 2014

Guest post by Adrian Wagner The Synergy Forum Europe met December 12-14, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.  This was a first prototype to support a global movement of activism and entrepreneurship grounded in source awakening, unique emanation and collective synergy. Over the last year, several initiatives and ideas have let to the foundation of the Synergy Forum, with a great […]

Guest post — Success Is A Choice!

Guest post by Sheri Chaney Jones, President and Founder, Measurement Resources Our new colleague Sheri Chaney Jones has posted a blog and a 19:42-minute interview with Jim Ritchie-Dunham about Ecosynomics.  Read the blogpost and listen to the interview where Sheri links the Ecosynomics framework to leadership success, by clicking here.

Guest post — Emerging Ecosynomics Tool Box — Body Experience of Harmonic Vibrancy

Guest post by Eyal Drimmer, Certified Vibrancy Guide In a second online, collaborative process (find the first one here), several members of the global Vibrancy network enriched an initial draft of the tool ‘Body Experience of Harmonic Vibrancy’  with their own experiences and thoughts.  I have finalized the first version of the tool, which you can download here. The tool is […]

Guest post — Ecosynomics in Ghana — an update

Guest post by Christoph Hinske, Global Vibrancy Steward In June 2014, Christoph Hinske, an ISC Senior Fellow based in Germany, was invited to meet with Prof. Dr. Lars Castellucci, a member of the German Parliament, Abdul-Rashid Hassan Pelpuo, the Honorable Minister for Private Sector Development from Ghana, Joe Tackie CEO of the Private Sector Development Strategy at the office […]

Guest post — The Experience of Ecosynomics in Our Farm-Community in Großhöchberg

Guest post – Johannes Enssle, farmer at Großhöchberg CSA Together with Eyal Drimmer and Christoph Hinske, we just started to work with the ecosynomics framework in our farm-community in Großhöchberg, a little village in the south of Germany. We grow biodynamic demeter vegetables and started this year with building up a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm cooperative. […]

Guest post — The “UMAns” and Their Movement as a Group (Universidad de Medio Ambiente)

Guest post — Annabel Membrillo, regional steward Vibrancy Mexico UMA is the University of the Environment in Mexico ( When visiting Casa UMA in Valle de Bravo, I had the opportunity of experiencing UMA live and in full detail during the master’s degree graduation ceremony. During this experience, I also had the opportunity of observing […]

Guest post — Reflections on “Homo lumens” post

Guest post – Jim Throneburg, founder of THORLO I love the observation in the “homo lumens” post, but I have a couple of things I think are a little misleading by making it seem that the cost of engaging people is low. I have to challenge that, on principle. I distinguish between the “cost” of […]