Know a High-Vibrancy STATISTICIAN?

In search of a great statistician who is very intrigued with our work in Ecosynomics and harmonic vibrancy.  Specifically, we want someone expert in (1) the statistical analysis of survey data and (2) correlational research design. We have two projects that would greatly benefit from an expert in statistical analysis: looking at the 2,300+ responses from […]

Practical Principles for Living Higher Levels of Harmonic Vibrancy in an Organization

Research at the Institute for Strategic Clarity has identified many organizations and communities experiencing higher levels of harmonic vibrancy and superior performance outcomes.  To share what we are learning within these organizations, we are capturing their stories in video. In this video, I interview Jim Throneburg, the founder of THORLO, the leader in preventive foot […]

Meet 250 People Living in High-vibrancy Agreements for Decades

Meet 250+ people living every day in high-vibrancy agreements, in a small business in North Carolina, in ISC’s 1st video case study.  See the documentary on ISC’s YouTube channel at ( ISC produced the documentary with White Coat Productions. I welcome your questions and observations about what you see in this video.  You can post them here by clicking […]

10 Principles for a High-impact Life

You want to have an impact.  Your efforts are your investment.  The return on your investment is the impact.  The impact is the energy transferred, the energy that you generated transferred to someone else. There are 10 principles for a high-impact life.  These 10 principles derive from the specific way agreements fields work. Identify your […]

Vibrancy Is A Choice Checklists — Re-membering Abundance-based Agreements

You invite some colleagues to work together with you on something you feel is really important. Knowing you, your passion, and what they can contribute, they enthusiastically say yes. You come together for the first time.  For the first 2 hours, the vibe is electric and the pulse is quickening. Then something shifts, and some […]

Guest post — Kopfstand — Standing Vibrancy on Its Head

Guest post by Christoph Hinske, Contributing Fellow at The Institute for Strategic Clarity, Kathrin Bimesdörfer, Director at IFOK Do you know the situation when you feel completely stuck, whether with your team, you organization or any group you are a part of? You experience the lack of possibilities and innovation, and it just feels lousy. During our 7 […]

Guest post — Short Research Reflection on the Vibrancy Survey Data of Participants in The Synergy Forum Europe in Berlin 2014

Guest post by Adrian Wagner The Synergy Forum Europe met December 12-14, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.  This was a first prototype to support a global movement of activism and entrepreneurship grounded in source awakening, unique emanation and collective synergy. Over the last year, several initiatives and ideas have let to the foundation of the Synergy Forum, with a great […]

Guest post — Invitation to Organizational Vibrancy with Maureen Metcalf

Guest post by Maureen Metcalf [Note from Jim R-D.  ISC’s network of colleagues from around the world is finding many ways to engage you in the experience of vibrancy and outcomes of abundance.  This invitation comes from our colleague Maureen in Ohio.] In this post, we invite you to experience greater organizational vibrancy and business […]