Free Online Courses from the Institute for Strategic Clarity

Learning from our colleagues around the world, about how to be much more inclusive in the sharing of our insights, the Institute for Strategic Clarity now offers three free, online courses:

Please enjoy the courses, give us feedback on them, and share them as widely as you want.


Free online course in Managing from Clarity

You can now take the Managing from Clarity course for FREE online, through the Institute for Strategic Clarity.  Just click here to access the course, with an audiobook reading, related interviews, and case studies for each chapter of the Managing from Clarity book.

Free online course in Strategic Decision Making

I invite you to my FREE online course on Strategic Decision Making, hosted at the Institute for Strategic Clarity.  Just click here.  This is a 6-session course I have taught since 1993 at leading universities in the USA, throughout Latin America and Europe.  With each session, I offer you audio lectures, graphics, related articles, and the occasional case study with an accompanying business simulator, which I developed for executive clients in those firms.