New Monitor Study — How Funders Can Support and Leverage Networks for Social Impact

I was interviewed recently as part of a Monitor Institute study for the Rockefeller Foundation on “How Funders Can Support and Leverage Networks for Social Impact.” The final report is out, in the form of an interactive toolkit ( — please feel free to share it.

My contribution is based on my research into deviant groups — what makes some sustainably amazing and others sustainably awful. Through our Ecosynomics research at the in 93 countries, we have identified 1000s of groups who have off-the-chart, amazing experiences and outcomes everyday. The Monitor study incorporates some of what we have learned about the collaborative nature of their work.

If you know of any such groups, I would love to hear about them.


Your Holiday Gift of Abundance to ISC

sayholiday-2006-12-25-21-15If the abundance-based framing of Ecosynomics, the energy-enhancing experience of harmonic vibrancy, or knowing that millions of other people are also developing abundance-based practices around the world have shifted how you look at your agreements and what is possible in your life, please consider giving this holiday season to support our work at the Institute for Strategic Clarity.

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We depend on the support of people like you to further the work of Ecosynomics and harmonic vibrancy.  Thank you for that support.

Guest post — Sharing Our Story of Social Impact Investment

Guest post by Christoph Hinske, Global Vibrancy Steward

I want to share our social impact investment presentation, the introduction to our work around ecosynomics and vibrancy.  The presentation was done in a collaborative effort with Jenni Ottilie Keppler ( and Leslie Ritchie-Dunham ( All the individual images of the presentation are copyleft, so feel free to use them according to your needs when presenting.

You will see a placeholder image beside a speech bubble. Please feel free to insert your own image there in case you send the presentation without having the possibility to present it.

You can download the individual files until October 1, 2014 at  After October 1, 2014 or for any further questions around the images or the presentation, please feel free to contact me by clicking here.

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In naming an emerging global phenomenon, Ecosynomics highlights how people are consciously choosing abundance-based agreements, as well as the resulting outcomes and experiences of higher levels of harmonic vibrancy.

In the first 44 months of this work, we at the Institute for Strategic Clarity have defined a field of scientific inquiry, Ecosynomics, written a foundational text that describes the field and provides tools for shifting agreements, and engaged thousands of people in field-testing these concepts and tools.

With this theoretical and practical foundation, we are set in the next 24 months to achieve our vision of shifting the harmonic vibrancy experienced by millions through the global Vibrancy network’s content, process, sharing, and insights.  To see how, download our Social Impact Investment presentation.

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