How Co-hosting Influenced My Leadership Approach — 14 European Leaders Share Their Experiences

My colleagues Ana Claudia, Christoph, and I recently shared, in a series of 4 blogposts, what we at Vibrancy and the Institute for Strategic Clarity learned, as co-investors with BUILD UPON and the European Climate Foundation, about: (1) co-hosting collaboration; (2) realizing the deeper shared purpose; (3) measuring impact resilience; and (4) scaling impact.

In this blogpost we want to share what leaders of the BUILD UPON team, from across Europe, learned on how to effectively ‘co-host’ large-scale cross-sector collaboration,  In the following set of video interviews, we explored how their application of the co-hosting principles over six months in their own specific contexts had changed their leadership approaches.

Watch the 3 – 4 minute videos here:


Practical Principles for Living Higher Levels of Harmonic Vibrancy in an Organization

Research at the Institute for Strategic Clarity has identified many organizations and communities experiencing higher levels of harmonic vibrancy and superior performance outcomes.  To share what we are learning within these organizations, we are capturing their stories in video.

In this video, I interview Jim Throneburg, the founder of THORLO, the leader in preventive foot health, through clinically-tested padded socks.  He shares THORLO’s five principles, in the form of a pyramid, that support its superior outcomes and its experience of decades of higher levels of harmonic vibrancy.  Click here to see the video.