Show the World that Abundance Works

I invite you into a story, a story that you believe, that you want to see come true, and that you can help come true, starting now.

Here’s the story.  You prefer energy-enhancing experiences of abundance and high vibrancy, yet you accept the pervasiveness in your life of energy-depleting experiences of scarcity and low vibrancy.  A modern framing of age-old questions from economic, political, cultural, and social philosophy and practice shows why you accept this and how to shift your agreements, experience, and outcomes.  Our survey data from 91 countries, our work with 76 groups, and 10 years of research to put it all together have resulted in an emerging science of abundance we call Ecosynomics.  We find that groups that start from an assumption of abundance, versus the pervasive scarcity, sustainably achieve superior socio-economic impacts in their communities and in tangible outcomes.  We believe that, for everyone everywhere, vibrancy should be a choice.  Join us in finding out how and showing the world.

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Ask Jim!

Now that we have laid some of the Ecosynomic foundations for understanding the harmonic vibrancy and abundance people experience and the agreements that influence that experience, we are beginning to look at how these foundations apply to different questions.  We started with, “What are the agreements in money?” and “What are the agreements in collaboration?” and “What are the costs of scarcity?”  These explorations started with a question someone asked me about what Ecosynomics has to say about… (you fill in the blank).

What questions would you like to ask me about Ecosynomics and the experience of harmonic vibrancy?