Vibrancy Activity in Mexico

I just spent the last week in Queretaro, Mexico, where there is lots of activity around the work of Harmonic Vibrancy and Ecosynomics, and there is much to share. As I tell you briefly about what is happening in Mexico, I invite you to see if there is a way that you would like to engage with the work there or something similar in your geography or language. Basically, you can think of four realms of work: “content” where you learn to do the work on your own; “process” where others do the work with you; “sharing” where you meet others like you who are doing the work; and “insights” where you learn about the underlying research and insights we are finding.

Starting with an introductory course I gave in March this year, the group in Mexico has advanced quickly, with ISC Fellow Annabel Membrillo now offering a 2-day Introduction to Harmonic Vibrancy and Ecosynomics course. With this new foundation, I was able to offer two intermediate Intensives this past week on “Ecosynomic Tools and Applications” and “Ecosynomic Indicators and Measurement Systems.”

As the group now takes up these introductory and intermediate courses, I will be back in Mexico in the early Spring to offer more advanced, specialized Intensives on Money Agreements, What Is Homo lumens, Collaborating with Process Groups around the World, An Integral-AQAL View of HV and Ecosynomics, Introduction to Ecosynomics research seminar, Linking Ecosynomics, Harmonic Vibrancy and Strategy, and The Ecosynomic Foundations and Practices of Agreements. With these solid foundations in the team in Mexico, we can now explore the deeper roots and practical applications of Ecosynomics.

Through its long-term work with Ecosynomics, the community in Mexico continues to be one of the top 3 countries in purchases of the Ecosynomics book-course.

We shared the story with like-minded leaders and colleagues through two public talks and dialogs. One for 42 leaders was hosted by the SC Group and the JFK American School of Queretaro, with co-hosting by Annabel’s team. The other public talk for a dozen local leaders was hosted by the SC group at the Esquina Gaucha restaurant. These sharing activities continue to grow the local community working with Ecosynomics in the Queretaro area.

Through ISC Fellow Annabel Membrillo and SC Group Mexico co-founder Conrado Garcia, there are now two large on-going projects in Queretaro, Mexico based in Ecosynomics at the school JFK and the bank ISBAN, integrating the Harmonic Vibrancy survey, the Agreements Maps, and Managing from Clarity systems mapping in the strategy process.

Led by ISC Fellow Annabel Membrillo, our research continues full-steam in Mexico, with hundreds of groups responding to the Harmonic Vibrancy survey, many beginning to apply Agreements Maps, and many engaging in deeper descriptions and explorations of their emerging agreements through “Agreements Evidence Dialogs.”

If you are interested in engaging in any of these areas of Content, Process, Sharing, or Insights in Mexico, contact the SC Group.

All in all, a great week!

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